International Committee Of SA, is a non-profitable student organisation. At ICOSA, we are committed towards making sure that every student’s voice is heard, regardless of the language they speak. Our student organisation has seven different committees that focus on seven different goals: Academics, Charity, Entertainment, Science, Sports, Merchandise and Public Relations. We work together to create events such as conferences, parties, workshops, charity, sports tournaments and events to raise money for orphanages in Lithuania. The board 2018/2019

President: Maddy Doc Traditionally, the president leads the board and the work of the board, and “puts a face” on the Union.

Vice-president: Moa Lång The vice-president helps the president and the other members with anything they may need help with.

Heads of Academics&Scientific: Juliette Cornier and Avi Mahluf “We are the connection between students and the university officials, and we make student life easier” Anything from lectures to work shops are organized by us. “From students for students” What we do… Taking individual complaints, talking to the university,solving the problem Addressing major problems which affect majority of students Pub quizzes sewing causes for students, etc..

Head of Charity: Paula Navarro Gascón All our funds come from donations, and all the money we make is used for charity, however we never do money donation, always goods. We organize events like: bake sales,movie nights, collecting clothes visiting dog shelters and refugees centers

Head of sports: Viruthan Yoga-Nathan Every year we organise different types of sports events, some of those are Basketball Tournament Winter Football Tournament Fifa Tournament Volleyball Tournament Pool Tournament Summer Football Tournament

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